EBC イービーシー ディスクローター ローター 【Rotors [612684]】 -その他

日立工機 ダイヤモンドカッター(石材用) 125mm コードNo.0032-6537

EBC イービーシー ディスクローター ローター 【Rotors [612684]】 -その他



For European Street Bikes

F650 CS 00-07 19|16” Wheels
F650 GS 93-06
F650 GS Dakar 93-06
F650CS Scarver 00-07
F650GS 04-07
F650GS 07-13
F650GS 2011
F650GS 99-03
F650GS Dakar 99-07
G650GS 09-15
G650GS 12-15

The steel used in the EBC(R) rotor blades is a special stainless blend with higher friction effect than normal heat-treated stainless steel found on stock discs. Boasts up to 10% improvement in friction effect improving brakes even further. Weight of the X and XC series is reduced by 5?10% by using a six only button drive system on a lightweight alloy centre hub, which, once again, grabs the lead over stock parts. The SD-System(TM) uses a square sided rivet with many advantages. The SD-System(TM) of square sided buttons means that the rotor can expand inwards and outwards unrestrained and that perfect rotor functionality is retained at any speed or load.



EBC イービーシー ディスクローター ローター 【Rotors [612684]】 -その他

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